Homeowners Insurance

This is a comprehensive guide on how to file a roof insurance claim. If you would like us to do all the work, call 602-350-4052 or 520-264-8776 to get a free roof inspection by an insurance claim specialist.


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How to File a Roof Insurance Claim

Homeowners insurance is a crucial aspect of protecting one’s property and belongings from potential risks and damages. In the unfortunate event of structural damage to a home caused by a natural disaster, such as a severe monsoon storm, homeowners’ insurance can provide coverage for the necessary repairs, including the replacement of a damaged roof.

Learn as much as you can about your roof with these Roofing FAQs

After Roof Storm Damage – It is important to call or text us 602-350-4052 because we have licensed insurance claim specialists on staff who will inspect your roof and get you the new roof you deserve. If you cannot get a hold of a roofing contractor, most insurance companies have dedicated claims departments that handle these situations.

Review Terms and Conditions – Homeowners insurance typically covers damages caused by specific perils, which may include monsoon rainstorm windstorm, hail, or other natural disasters, depending on the policy. It is crucial to review the policy thoroughly to determine the extent of coverage for roof damage caused by natural disasters.

  • Policy Coverage Limits – this tells you what is covered by insurance
  • Deductibles – this is what homeowner is responsible for paying out of pocket

How to Support Roof Damage Claim – It is advisable to provide detailed information about the damage. Whether you have Advanced Roofing, LLC handle the entire process, or you decide to do it yourself, include photographs and any relevant documentation in a folder in your filing cabinet or computer.

How Insurance Pays For Roof Storm Damage – The insurance company will then evaluate the insurance claim specialist report and determine the coverage amount for the roof replacement. This amount is typically based on the policy’s coverage limits and deductibles. Before commencing any work, homeowners must notify their insurance provider Advanced Roofing, LLC. will be taking care of the roof repair/installation.

If you have us do the roof inspection our insurance claim specialist will handle all of this for you. The insurance company may require additional roof damage documentation or the progress of roof installation. They may also need the contractor’s license and proof of insurance, etc. It is crucial to comply with any requirements set forth by the insurance company to avoid potential delays or complications.

After New Roof Installation – Advanced Roofing, LLC as well as you, the homeowner, should inform the insurance company that the work has been completed. The insurance provider may request proof of the completed work, such as photographs or invoices, to finalize the claim. It is important to keep records of all communication and documentation throughout the entire process.